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Tips/tools For Creating Cars/tracks

Yesterday, 11:23 PM


I was wondering if there are any tutorials for creating cars and tracks. I've done some carshapes via the other classic game, Grand Prix 4

Also what tools/utilities I should use to create cars/tracks.

Thank you all.

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Gplc67 Running Slowly

27 Nov 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
This time it's not my driving. It's as though I'm stuck in an advanced trainer bit I'm not. I've deleted GPLC67 so that gem can rebuild but no change. Help.

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Ams2: Featuring Car Damage Model In A Sim: The Ginetta G55 Gt4

Yesterday, 07:14 AM

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hey, everyone!

Lately I did a video, presenting the brandnew Ginetta G55 GT4 Car, coming along with the latest Automobilista 2 update!

Thereby I focused as well on the new damage model, this car comes along with!

Here you can see and explore all this good stuff:

AMS 2 Beta 1.058 UPDATE! NEW GT3 & GT4 Cars! Ginetta G55 GT4 2 Drive and Damage Model Crash Test!! - YouTube


And cheers,


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Nurburgring 68 - Fog

27 Nov 2020

Posted by Ferrari-312 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi - What is the proper way to adjust how thick the fog is at the Nurburgring 68? I have an idea about the fog density setting in the .ini, but I just want to be sure. I thought I read it somewhere here; cannot locate where it was? Thanks!


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Sc Mod - "single Race" Mode = Training.

27 Nov 2020

Posted by Ferrari-312 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."

Hi, this  annoying bit of trouble that just raised it's ugly head yesterday. The previous day I had done a single race at Österreichring (Zeltw71)  1971   Austrian Grand Prix, with my usual M1 - Mirage ( finished third ;) ). The next day I was driving the 65 mod. After finishing that, I wanted to go back to the Österreichring for another SC race.

I was at the usual main SC menu and selected "Single Race" mode, when I selected the green flag at the track selected I noticed I was the only car there ....did I miss the memo or something??? O.k., I thought maybe I selected training mode by mistake. Going back to main menu, I saw it was on single race. So trying again to see what would happen; once more I was still on the 'training" mode on the track sector screen.

Next step, I checked all my mods and they all worked. I checked Gem and "race"  was indeed selected. Next step, went to  "player" file and then to my SC  Player.ini, I looked at the "lastRaceType = ", it was on zero, so I edited it to "2"; race mode. Went back and same thing.

Then looking at "players" file, I notice there was created "another" player a day or so before for the SC, WHICH I DIDN'T CREATE! I would have no reason to do so. Weird stuff!

Next step, I made another player for SC to see what would happen. So I did and the song remained the same. I chose single race and I get the training mode on the next screen. If I chose Multiplayer I get multiplayer. If I choose World championship I get......................ta da.........Training mode.

So before I do a complete reinstall, I will see if I can pick my fellow GPL'ers brains to figure out this anomaly. Thanks.


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