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Extremely Noisy Engine Sounds

19 Mar 2017

I hope someone can help with this problem. No matter what GPL mod I run, the engine sounds for all cars is extremely noisy. Way down in the noise, I can hear the various engines especially the Ferrari and Eagle v12s and the BRM H16.

I am using an HP desk top running Windows 8.1. Processor speed is 3.4GHZ with 8 GB of Ram and am using a set of Sennheiser earphones. I am not using a graphics or sound card. I have the 65-69 and the F2 mods installed. They all work very well, just the noise problem.

When I use the earphones for other purposes, they work very well with no noise or static.

I have spent several hours searching thru this website for help, but have had no luck so far. I know just enough about computers to get in trouble, so any help cannot be too basic.

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Mclaren M7A To M7D Info?

Today, 01:58 PM

Since i think most people (myself included), rarely check the other forum, i thought i would post a link to this here:


Does anyone have any info that could help him out regarding the car / tyres of the time etc?
I feel bad that he has no replies even though i know nothing of any use myself :$

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Speedgeezers Admin Please Help!

Today, 12:00 AM

Posted by Simon S in Member Feedback
Hi can a SG admin validate my account there (same username as here)? Thanks 😀

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Goodwood Live Stream 2017

18 Mar 2017

Posted by Stefan Roess in Motorsport Chat

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Track Graphical Problem In Gpl 67

17 Mar 2017

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have GPL, installed on my 10" Windows 10 tablet. I installed it like I have done before, on my other machines with the Installer. It is a base/standard GPL 67. Along with GEM.

I have had this installed for over a year? with no issues and everything working fine. Yesterday though, I went into the game and found that some of the tracks graphics were seemingly corrupted.

At Monaco (Rocks) while sat in the car and pit lane, If I look up to the sky, it is all black, with broken parts and what seems to be be double mirror images of trees. I haven't checked all the tracks, but at Monza also, down the start/finish straight, the buildings, horizon and fencing, have gone missing, as if it is on a low resolution or textures ?

I have made no changes or add on's to GPL and kept it base standard.

But there as been, outside, third party changes, that I feel could be the cause ? Specifically, I had a recent auto Windows 10 update. I also went to (why ? ) properties/compatibility on the game exe (right click mouse) and ticked ' Disable High DPI Setting' and run as administrator. Maybe I have corrupted something there, or Windows update is the culprit ? Maybe my graphics card(base Intel) as been updated, without my knowing. All other games are fine though ?

I may have to re-install the game from base camp, but wondered if I could find a quick fix, to avoid that ?

So far I rebuilt the gplc exe through GEM, changed rasterizers from my present Direct 3d v2 to open gl v2 and replaced the Monaco track, from a base directory, that I have, from my external hard-drive and old GPL saves. With no joy in a repair to my issues. I haven't tried changing the game resolution, which is only 1024x768. I could lower it or higher it, to experiment. Or maybe replace the whole present directory, with the one, from my external HD ?

Any ideas/help would be great. :think:


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