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Texture Problem On The Original 1969 Mod Matra

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#1 Argyle1968


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Mar 02 2021 - 03:50 AM

Here's one for the car editing guys.

I'm trying to adapt a paint scheme from a modified version of the Matra (pic 1 below) to the Matra included in the original 1969 mod (not the Xtra mod).  My attempt resulted in the car shown in pic 2.

Obviously there are some issues.  I've got the MIPs correctly named.  The driver's name is McNicol, so the MIPs are named mcn4a, mccwing, mccfwng, windjm1 and windjm2.  For some reason when I hex the "ste7a.3do" extracted from the original 69 mod murasama.DAT and save as mcn4a.3do I'm getting the default Matra without numbers.   So I tried using the Mcn4.3do from the "Matra" shown in pic 1 with the Matra car (murasama.dat) from the 69 mod and ended up with the car in pic 2.

I'm assuming the air intakes are the ***spon MIPs, which are included in the driver 3DOs on the 69 mod car but are not included in the 3DOs of the modified Matra in pic 1.   That's problem number 1.  Problem 2 is that the wings default to the Matra "Elf" wings no matter what I hex the names to in the mcn4a.3do (and rename the corresponding MIPS of course)--that one has me totally stumped. And finally, I need to get rid of the high wing struts, which I'm going to assume is the mtrpole.mip file.

I'd really appreciate some input with this because I just haven't been able to figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

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#2 webfoot


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Posted Mar 02 2021 - 04:42 AM

Quick cut and paste from my Tasman 1969 cars build checklist.  These are the files i changed for the Matra.
I will have a look in a bit more detail when i have some time later today, to see if the work I did will help you.

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#3 Argyle1968


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Mar 02 2021 - 07:21 AM

Thanks Webfoot.  That info was useful.

I managed to get what I wanted.

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Regarding the front wings, I looked at the files in the .DAT and figured out that the Matra, unlike the other cars, uses both left and right front wings, both of which are placed by the mtrfwng string in the driver .3DO file, as long as the wings are named **rfwng and **lfwng and flipped.  Regarding the rear wing, for some reason GPL didn't like my rear wing MIP name, mccwing, but renaming it and replacing the string in the 3DO worked.  For some reason, the mccwing.mip was being defaulted to the Matra "Elf" rear wing.  I don't know why, but renaming it worked.  The rear strut was taken care of by using an invisible MIP in place of matpole in the driver 3DO and a MIP in place of the matspon.MIP worked for the intakes.  So, long story short, the changes worked.

Now I just wish there was a way to have two different front wings on the other cars, LOL.

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