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Zandvort- The Return

Yesterday, 06:10 AM

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
What do you all think of the new Zandvoort circuit and It's return to the F1 calendar.






Will it be a fantastic success or a disappointing return.

Does it signify and represent the fall and recent disinterest of F1. With team F1 trying to not only claw back old fans but breed new ones.

There seems to be interest and a wondering, whether the track will hold up and whether it will work as a F1 race. But along with that hope, theres a lot of people who are doubtful of its calibre. Especially whether overtaking and competativeness will be possible.

Do we really need a Dutch GP, ot is it just a gift to Max, to help house all his fever pitched band of Orange fans.


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Returning After 17 Years.... Hopelessly Off The Pace

Yesterday, 05:16 AM

Wondering if I get some advice, tips.  I used to play GPL 98-2003 and did get negative GPLRank times on several tracks back then.  

I've now returned after 17 years (using the easy installation guide to get nicely updated version) and started with BRM and Brabham in the 65 mod as though would be easier but I'm driving round and feel like I'm going at a good pace until I see my times and realise I'm several seconds off the GPL rank benchmark times for 1965 tracks.  Thing is I have no idea where on the track I'm losing time, feels like I'm driving at my limit.  I've downloaded some 1965 setups and played around with those (ie make sure I have reasonable gearing etc) but still driving more like James May than the Stig.

So the questions I have are:-

1) Is being fast in the 65 cars different in terms of driving style etc than 67?
2) Is 65 the best place to start, if not what is the best mod to get back into it?
3) Does anyone have some replays of a good time in a 1965 chassis round tracks like Watkins Glen, Monza or Silverstone?  I've tried watching youtube videos like GPLaps but its really hard to get anything other than braking points from those as most 65 vids don't have the times displayed.  Be good to get a good replay to put through replay analyser to see where I'm losing time.

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Williams Brabham 69X Mod

13 Feb 2020

Posted by Paasilinna23 in GPL Request Area
Hi all,
it's possible to use the william's skin instead of the official brabham's skin in the 69 extra mod?

sorry for bad english

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Field Of View - Video Explanations

12 Feb 2020

Not sim specific but a good starting point if you are confused about FOV



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No Force Feedback With Thrustmaster Rgt Clutch Edition.

13 Feb 2020

Hi there,

I thought I'd start a new thread since there's no help for this wheel.

So after a long time away I thought I'd try it out again. And it's more amazing than ever. I have F1 seasons '65-'69, F2 '67, and Canam '66 & '71 installed all tracks etc. took a couple of days but then I needed to balance bashing my head against the FFB problem, which has been there since this rebirth of GPL. I don't think I've found modding a game quite so easy and successful before, and as of right now I'm looking at a 16.6Gb GPL install ! heh...

Seriously impressive stuff folks.

Gonna note my system here; Win10x64 Home
My rig; Intel I7-7700K~4.2GHz / Nvidia Geforce 1080 8Gb / 32Gb 3200Mhz ram

So no matter what I do I can not get any FFB at all from the game. I have tried;

Latest Drivers (GPL would not recognise the wheel before this)
Fresh install on different drive (after cleaning out old install w/CCleaner)
FFB2 patch on or off
FFB3test patch on or off
Setting core.ini values in Gem+ to zero, non zero, even negative (not allowed but doable) and factors/fractions thereof.
Switching the wheel software between 2/3 and 5 axes. Using clutch on the third pedal works in 5 axis mode.
GPLshift+ Set disable USB something (apparently can restore FFB in some wheels, no idea why) Set to share all GPL axes between controllers.
unplugging every unneccessary USB peripheral.
Testing forces in control panel (test good)
Every possible combination of the above mainly on normal '67F1 setup, but on a couple of the others here and there to be sure. I am pretty methodical so it took a while.

Any ideas appreciated.

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