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Time Between Gpl Rank Improvements?

21 Aug 2017

Posted by Aysedasi in GPL Rank
So, I'm sure someone can better this - 13 years and 6 months?

(I went away for a while  ;))

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Installation Problem

19 Aug 2017

Posted by Bernd Rosemeyer in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I've got a problem after installing GPL with gem+ and mods on a new computer. It seems strange to me, perhaps it has to do with installing all mods, including stratos-mod as last one, before starting gem+ and using any mod.
But it's only a helpless guess and I really don't know what to do.

I appreciate very much any help. I'm using GPL since 1999 and I'm really in love with it. In my opinion no other computer game compares to this simulation.


After installation only stratos-mod works perfectly.
In case of other mods (1) pribluda is absent, the top of the screen is black, in race mode there are colours in this black top part of the screen; (2) at the bottom of the screen font size with informations like speed is too small; (3) the quarter (a perfect rectangle) at right side bottom of the racing screen is darker than the rest of the racing screen (racing screen means the middle part of the computer screen, the part, where racing is done).
In stratos-mod these problems are absent!
((4) gem+ doesn't remember the resolution 1920x1080 and every time I have to go to options to change it from 640x480)


Using gplinstall_beta1.08 and gempackage_2.5.0.32 pursuant to GPL_Easy_Installation_Guide_GER_v1.6.1.

All mods installed but thundercars, night and 67historical; stratos-mod was the last one, but installed without update.

I first installed and updated gpl, than I made adjustments in GPL 1.3, then I installed gem+ without starting it, then I installed all mods with updates (only stratos without update) before starting gem+;  I closed gem+ before starting it again and making adjustments for the mods.

My system:

Intel® Core™i7-7500U
64 Bit


I have to correct my observations:

1) The quarter of the whole screen is darker at right side bottom: the too small fonts at the bottom of the screen in this quarter are darker too and the gear display is only visible during gearshift.

2) Remembering the resolution 1920x1080 has nothing do do with the problem, I think, because now I found, that in some cases (mods) gem+ remebers it.

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19 Aug 2017

Posted by francesco in GPL-67GT Sports Mod
My GT mod don't load the AI cars.Both with race or champion the only car loaded is the player and when i quit the race ,with the red button,the game ask"want you abandon the testing?".I'm not able to understand what is wrong in some files.All the drvers.ini,specific and generic,are in the correct folder.I have already reinstalled the mod overwriting the old files,also becouse to delete the old is impossible.
Someone have an idea?

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Will Gpl Ever Go Vr?

19 Aug 2017

I have been considering buying a bigger monitor, but part of me still hopes that someone will find a way to get GPL working in VR, either with Occulus Rift or some other equipment. Does anyone think or know if VR could be coming to GPL soon, or are we all going to be using monitors for years to come?

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What Are The Resolution Limitations Under Linux?

18 Aug 2017

Last autumn I built a computer more or less assigned just to run GPL. I got a lot of help in this thread http://srmz.net/inde...120#entry121940 and this computer runs just fine.

A part of the advices concerned OS. I was ready to test Linux on that computer and was more or less guided through the process. Running from Wine and all. I'm a experienced computer user but no skills at all when it comes to Linux OS. If I'm not guided step-by-step I have to use my inuition, and I've found out that Linux do handle a lot of the OS-related stuff totally different from Win. In the matter below I tried intuition and failed. Perhaps someone here can fill me in around the task as such.

The thing is that I bought a very nice and big screen to my working computer (t.i. NOT the game computer). A HP ZR30w with 2560x1600 resolution (yes, I know you have to use a DVI Dual cable). I was a bit curious how it would look to run GPL from that screen. I admit I didn't know anything about limitations in doing that but just plugged and played it in the game computer. I could see that the system did not admit any resolution of that kind and the screen in GPL looked just like that. Bigger picture but in the "ordinary" lower resolution.

I then took some step of intuition and had some trouble. Not used att all to handle drivers in Linux bout found this Drivershandler app. It listed three options and 'fglrx' was marked as active. At this point I should have checked out more but my interntion was just toi check another driver and see if the would enable the high resolution of my screen. Later I found out that the guidance I've had from the thread mention was that I had to use 'fglrx'.

Instead I tried something that sounded right. I marked option 'xserver-xorg-video-ati (recommended) (open source)' and expected just to find out if that driver made it possible to get the high resolution out of my monitor. That was a catastrophy. Strange things happened (as I fixed this I don't get into the details) and GPL didn't start at all from GEM. I intended to reset to the 'fglrx' just to get thing to work but was prohibited in the dialogue as all options in Drivershandler was greyed out and nothing could be changed at that point. At last I could reset after a couple of Terminal commands I was adviced to use to rinse and re-install. At last I was able to reset to 'fglrx' and everything worked. With the original screen that is.

So my question now is if it's possible at all for me to use a driver that can handle the HP max resolution? Perhaps there are some new available? Or is it still the one and only 'fglrx' alternative that is the right one for me? Here's the specifications:

Version: Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa 64-bit (Ubuntu 14.04)
Card: Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II

If there's a possiblity to get a setup with my OS and screen that gives me a 2560x1600 resolution experience when running GPL it would be great. Perhaps there isn't?

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