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reverse track utility

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#21 Josao Silva

Josao Silva

    Mike Parkes

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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 02:24 AM

Thanks Ginetto for the tips



    Denny Hulme

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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 07:57 AM

I only wrote : "In the past I tried without success."

It was with XP.


"Could it be possible to give us dordnuD, lavolim and naMfoi ?"

I don't ask for Papy's because in the past someone (big thanks) gave it to me.

I have a big respect for you Ginetto and I love your work, always great art, you're one the people who make of GPL what it is now... ...but not your answer of today which reflect, more or less, the philosophy sometimes/often presents here - it's just my feelings :

"if you belongs to the good circle it's good for you, if you can do this or that, enjoy it, otherwise too bad for you*." Not really cool. Isn't it a place to share, here, and not only ideas ?

It's time to relax with the absolute respect of copyright and the rights attached to the Papys tracks. It's time to open the eyes : there's a long time that Kaemmer don't worries at all about that and the only ones who makes GPL alive are the handful of people who cares of this game here and elsewhere. GPL belongs to those who make it alive and I think I have well contributed to that since more than 6 years. I estimate that I gave enough time (as some others people, I know) and spend enough money for this game/pleasure (and the pleasure of some others) to not have in return this kind of answers. In comparison, GPL, I purchased it well 10 or 20 times, if it isn't more. So the problems of copyright (and so on), excuse me...

But don't worry, keep your dordnuD, lavolim, naMfoi or others, I can live without it, and thanks for all.

*Sorry for english - partially done with google translation

#23 TvO - guest

TvO - guest
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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 08:10 AM

No worries, you're a part of the good circle as well Rookie :) . It's not only money that is involved in copyright. If somebody would release an edit of the track without the trackmakers consent for all to download, the trackmaker might get offended. Resolutions:

- Contact the trackmaker and ask if he could edit/reverse the track for you or allow another person to do that, and make it available, only to to or publically.
- Ask someone in private through PM to upload the reversed track to a site like megaupload or sendspace and PM you with a private link, so you make sure you are the only one with access to the download.

These are etiquettes which keep the community strong where others falther due to disregard, while the outcome can be just the same :)

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#24 Alan Davies

Alan Davies

    Denny Hulme

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Posted Jan 03 2014 - 09:27 AM

I did the reversing with win 98 and like you I could not do it with XP as I remember you have to access MS DOS and could never find how to do it.
The reversed tracks are not that great unless you are able to adjust the objects afterwards as some have done with Watkins Glen and Albi67.
I haven't used them for years until his topic came up; there are just too many other fantastic tracks to drive. :up:

#25 webfoot


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Jan 04 2014 - 01:04 PM

Just got this working with Windows 8.1 by running gplrev within DOSBox  (if you don't know this is a DOS emulator useful for running any old PC DOS games under windows).  I only tried it with Spa (taken straight from the original papy CD) but don't see why it shouldn't be ok for other tracks.  I tested Aps (the reversed track) with a quick race against the AI and it seemed to run OK.

Just google "dosbox" to find where you can download the emulator for free

You may also need to download a DPMI manager, if you get a "get csdpmi*b.zip" error message.  Again you should be able to search and download one for free.

Edited by webfoot, Jan 04 2014 - 01:05 PM.

#26 ginetto


    GPL track editor

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Posted Jan 04 2014 - 01:50 PM

View PostROOKIE4EVER, on Jan 03 2014 - 07:57 AM, said:

I have a big respect for you Ginetto and I love your work, always great art, you're one the people who make of GPL what it is now... ...but not your answer of today which reflect, more or less, the philosophy sometimes/often presents here - it's just my feelings :
I wasn't even talking to you in my answer, really.
I just step in to say that this tool is long gone in terms of development and who is waiting for an update need to know that it will not come.
Then I tried the tool with an XP machine and in 1 minute I reversed a track, so I wrote my experience.
I don't even have IofMan, how I can revert it?
Anyway if you do have a XP machine you just put in a folder both the gplrev12.exe and the track folder you want to revert, with all the updates you want.
Then make a text file with the line:
gplrev12 [trackname]
save the file as [namefile].BAT
then double click on it; it should make the new track folder in a few seconds

If somebody want to share his reverted track with other members I suggested to use the PM tool and I think is a reasonable suggestion to keep it in a private contest without the need of asking the authors. If you understand this you might understand my previous posts.
I am not english either and I suspect sometimes I can get misunderstood in the way I use my limited vocabolary.
Ciao! :wave:

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