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Gtr2 Game

Yesterday, 10:55 AM

Posted by twinpotter in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Just reinstalled the Gtr2 game, to play with my G27 shifter. I know some of you have experience of this game, so maybe some of you will have some answers for me to chew on?

I'm playing the game with my wheel. Question is, do I use the flip gears for changing gears or the shifter to go up and down the box?
I'm not sure historically, or car by car, how this was simulated in those years. I believe the game covers the GT cars around the 2003/4 seasons. Question is did they all use flip change or gearstick change, in those gt cars? I would just like to be more realistic. I have noticed though, some cars have a gear stick image, in the cockpit view, whereas some don't. So if that's the case, should I mix gear change methods to suit?

Also when I change gears, I'm engaging the clutch to change up/down the box, to again be as realistic as possible. Even though I could just push the gear stick into any gear I want, without engaging the clutch. Is there a patch, mod or plr file change, I could adopt (like GPL shift) where I have to engage the clutch, when having to use a realistic shifter?

My game runs flawlessly with no fps penalty at all. Even in full super high graphic settings. I believe that the Race Department site as an hq patch and anniversary patch. Are these worth getting and adding to the game, and if so, would doing this increase the fps, slowing down the overall game? As anybody used these 2 patches?

Finally I must say how I'm really loving this game once more. I've also installed some extra tracks, including the fantastic Nordschleife and it's a blast to drive. I love the campers alongside the track, and the fires at the side of the circuit. The night time driving is immense too.

Next up to install is GTL and Race 07 which are in my Steam library. Although I have the original discs as well.

Thanks all for any answers and tips 😁👍


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Grand Prix Legends Ultimate Links In Big Big Peril

Yesterday, 07:30 AM

Posted by John Woods in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Sorry for what is now short notice.

GPLLINKS.ORG editing dialogue that provides for easy editing of links was created too many years ago in Python 2, a language that has or will soon lose security support, so the site itself is or will become a risk to any server on which it is located.

Therefore, very soon no ISP hosting service will allow it on their servers unless held "in a bubble" with no functional features allowing for adding new or editing current links.

It will quickly fade away as over time more and more links will not work.

The only solutions are to 1), find someone capable of writing new code, probably in Python 3, to replace the editing dialogue with the same access and functionality, or 2), start from scratch and build an entirely new page with new structure and if possible some kind of password protected not-FTP remote-access editing functionality.

Anyone know how to do that?
Anyone know anyone?
Have a better idea?

Send me a PM?


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Wide Or Ultra-Wide Screen For Gpl

18 Jan 2020

Hi All,

I have often wondered about using triple screens for GPL. Always thought this might be the ultimate ???

I have though recently upgraded from a decent quality Asus 24" screen to a newer Asus 27" monitor. Not quite sure of the aspect ratio but its definitely a wider frame. GPL on it with or without the letterbox looks amazing.

My question relates to the fact that I now feel that my ideal may be a wide or even these ultra-wide screens that I keep seeing. Even perhaps the curved screen for even more immersion..

I realise these screens are a totally different aspect ratio etc, but if I was using a modern, powerful graphics card rather than going for triples would GPL look good on one of these screens?

I really don't know a great deal about all the aspect ratios, refresh rates etc etc.

Just wondered if I had the right combination of graphics card and monitor would it be better than triples.

I love the idea of triple screens but some I've seen look odd, with the monitor frames blocking out odd parts of the image, mirrors in the wrong place and the side monitors looking to have slightly odd/deformed images.

Just thinking that GPL might look amazing on a 34" widescreen.  

Just looking online at a Samsung that's a curved 49" screen. Wow!

Does anyone run GPL on a widescreen ??

thanks in advance Paul

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[Fun Race] 25.01.2019 - Kyalami - Thundercars Mod

Yesterday, 09:00 AM

Posted by GrandPrixYannick in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"


25.01.2019 (Saturday)

ThunderCars at Kyalami (kyalami)

Thundercars Mod

Posted Image


- Date: 25.01.2019 (Saturday)
- Race: Fun race
- Time: 20:30 CET
- Qualification: 30 min
- Laps: 36 -> ca. 45 min.
- Mode: Intermediate -> Shift-R (no limit)
- iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

[Time Zones]:

Track Download

Mod Download
Thundercars Mod

Verwendet die guten Standardsetups und passt sie nach euren wünschen an.
[Use the good default setups and adjust them to your liking.]

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]



Good luck & fun!
Your GPLRACER admins

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"masters & Monsters"

18 Jan 2020

Posted by ROOKIE4EVER in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
:new: After "The Masters", on December 22nd, a nice meeting, I wanted to propose you a more regular meeting in the same spirit.

A "small" championship called "Masters & Monsters" :

9 races in the year, one every 4 weeks from February to December, with a break in July and August.

With your help, the idea is to bring to life an elitist championship where we'll only see the fastest drivers.

You'll have to be complete : hotlaper, racer but also strategist.

.Indeed, on the grid only 16 places will be available for each race, so pre-qualification sessions will take place in the days before the race. At each date only the 16 fastests will be able to participate to the race itself.

.Racer, of course, to be one of the best among the 15 other drivers on the grid.

.Strategist, finally, as, if the season will count 9 races, all the cars will have to be used during the first 7 rounds, in the order of your choice.

The "Final rush", the last two races, will give the drivers the opportunity to take the car of their choice, without being able to take the same one twice, however.

The format therefore consists, among others, of the following elements :

.championship reserved for drivers already engaged elsewhere in, at least, one championship (see list of championships on GPL Weekly).
.Handicap in the GPL Rank at -40 (or -25 without the Ring) and better (see list of drivers below).
.9 races, on Saturday, so as not to be in conflict with another championship : Kyalami - Monaco - Zandvoort - Spa - Silverstone // summer break // Mosport - Monza - Watkins Glen - Mexico.
.Igor; 60fps; Pro; no shift-r; race : 1h; practice : 30 mn.  
.Choice of "free" chassis, race by race, but obligation to use all 7 chassis during the first 7 races.


If you want to be a part of it tell it here and contact me to send me an e-mail address by pm or on the secure form : https://www.grandpri...ends.fr/contact .

If there are enough drivers interested, this championship will be able to take life as it was the case for "The Masters". I will then make dedicated pages to presents this competition in details.

So, among "The Monsters", will you be "The Master" ?


- Directly involved : -40 (-25 without the Ring) and better.

.Aitor Fernandez - Aitor Birle -46 (-28) ESP
.Alain Maurice -40 est FRA
.Anders Östlund -46 (-29) SUE
.Andres Oggero -51 (-31) ARG

.Bjørn Finnestad -46 (-28) NOR

.Christof Gietzelt -60 (-37) ALL
.Claudio Callipo -63 (-38) ITA

.Dag Johnsen -43 (-26) NOR

.Ed Cullen -65 (-42) AUST
.Enrique Farina -51 (-31) MEX
.Eric Appelmans -40 (-27) BEL

.Frank Miele - Killer Miele -53 (-33) ALL

.Gregory Taber -44 est USA

.Iestyn Davies -76 (-46) ANG

.Jani Posta -41 (-28) HON
.Joao Marcon - Jonny O -40 (-28) BRE
.José Fierroford -59 (-38) ARG

.Kelvin Mace -65 (-40) USA

.Lasse Oetinger -50 est (-26) ALL

.Marcos Mirande -56 (-34) ARG
.Mario Wilhelm -61 (-37) ALL

.Mick Chapman -40 (-29) ANG
.Miguel Palud - Alboretto -62 (-41) ARG

.Pablo Sosa -72 (-45) ARG
.Patrick Cornu -66 (-41) FRA
.Paul Skingley -50 est ANG
.Pelle Buchner -68 (-41) DAN
.Petr Romanov -57 (-38) RUS
.Piero Mercaldo -50 (-33) ITA

.Quico Giralt - Tron -49 (-33) ESP

.Rainer Alpen (-25 est) ALL
.Renato Jungle - Renato Piacenti -43 (-28) BRE
.Robert Fleurke -84 (-50) P-B
.Roy van Drunen -77 (-45) P-B

.Sanjin Haler -73 (-44) CRO

.Tim Roedl -48 (-27) AUT
.Titi Douet -66 (-41) FRA
.Tom Guérout -88 (-53) FRA

.Ulrich Hofmann -60 (-36) ALL

.Yannick Verheijen -55 (-33) P-B

- Drivers who have stopped during the last season - will be able to participate if they come back in a championship :

  season stopped on
.Michael Lowery -55 (-34) ANG 21/09/2019
.Michiel Pompert -62 (-38) P-B 07/09/2019
.Oly9 - Oliver Rakonjac -63 (-40) BOS 17/09/2019
.Sebastian Skinner -55 (-24) ARG 27/03/2019
.Tim Muttram -43 (-26) ANG 13/10/2019

- Other drivers who could (-25 and better without the Ring) :

.Andre Jahren -36 (-26) NOR
.Clive Gardner - EvilClive -34 (-25) ANG
.Laurent Coeffic -37 (-26) FRA ranked stopped in 2012 except 1
.Mati Falas (-25) ARG rank in big progression, is worth about -40
.Roberto Baldassarri -36 (-25) ITA ranked stopped in 2017
.Syd Drake -26 (-27) CROA 01/10/2019 ranked stopped in 2007

- Drivers whose rank has to be specified :

.Sergio Edo - Sergio Stewart -23 (-19) ESP ranked stopped in 2013

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