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Great Tracks For On-Line Racing

12 Nov 2018

Of course we all know there are amazing tracks in the Grand Prix Legends database.

Of all the tracks available, which are proven meet the challenges of way too much fun and a good venue for racing, and are technically very reliable when used on-line?

Are there any or many?

Is it the technical quality of a track or being on-line that causes typical issues?

What about the vanilla Papy tracks?

Any favorites?


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Need Some Advice Installing Windows 7

06 Nov 2018

Posted by TurboMan in Off Topic Chat
Hello everybody,

i come here as it's the most trusty and friendly site i know. So i'd like to ask some questions about a bit of "special" installation of W7 i want to do.

Finally, after many years using, repairing, updating, etc a 2006 computer, my brother and i saved enough money to get a modern (2014-2015 range i'd say) computer and a proper display for gaming. The computer comes with Windows 10 Trial Version and i want to get rid of it. I own a Windows 7 SP1 "N" Version with it's corresponding product key.

The "special" part comes here:
It's a shared computer, what i want to do is having 2 HDD partitions, and install that W7 i own on both, selecting which one to use on the boot menu. My brother would get 2TB and me 1TB. I'm doing all this because of malware concers. My bro usually visits suspicious webs to download his stuff, install a lot of things (some of them include adware, etc), use P2P clients (in fact, 2 weeks ago had problems with a troyan in his current laptop), so one question would be,

if i have 2 separate installations of W7 on 2 different partitions but on same HDD, if one gets infected with malware, will it screw things only on that partition, or it could affect the other?

Other question would be, is it even possible to do that double installation? I think it is, but i'd like an opinion of more experienced users.

Also, if it gets done, will i have validation problems when activating Windows online? It's a legal copy, so no problems should appear from that side, but maybe there will be other conflicts, as it's the same machine running the exact same OS twice on different partitions.

Hopefully some people here know enough about this quite odd purpose.
Thanks to take the time to read :)

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Usa Members - Please Vote !

06 Nov 2018

Posted by gliebzeit in Off Topic Chat
The title says it all.

As us old timers like to say: "Do your civic duty for your country".  :)

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Gpl Prayer

04 Nov 2018

For some it's a game, for some it's the holy grail, a religion even! Therefore I like to introduce a GPL prayer.


"Our GPL God in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on track as well in the car.
Give us this day our daily race,
and forgive us our shunts,
as we also have forgiven our rear end shunters.
And lead us not into other simulations,
but deliver us from iRacing."

GPL forever! :)

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F1 2018 Melbourne Race!

03 Nov 2018

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hello Everybody!

After my F1 2018 Career Season announcement (on my channel I did a according Video


), today we finally could go to face the first challenge within the season opener in Melbourne! If you wanna see a thrilling wheel-to-wheel-battle with a F1 2018 set up to a pure simulation level (No driving helps, No driving line, Damage ON etc.) AND a VR effect, via track IR, then please go over here to see the action: https://www.youtube....h?v=yETpw9XlWTQ.


So, thank you!

And bye! :wave:


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