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I'm Impressed

Yesterday, 03:00 PM

Posted by Pete Gaimari in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
The fastest driver in iRacing. I believe it. Look at the perfect lap.


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Differential Settings In Gpl Vs. Rf1

30 Nov 2020

In GPL setup, the differential is described by 4 number:
1. power-side ramp angle
2. coast-side ramp angle
3. diff ratio
4. clutches

In rFactor 1 garage, the diff is described by 4 different numbers:
1. pump %
2. power %
3. coast %
4. preload

How can I convert the 4 GPL diff settings to rF1 settings, such that I have the same diff in both sims?


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Black Screen When Esc To The Pits

Yesterday, 08:46 AM


I haven't played GPL since 2015 when my new PC wouldn't run it (When entering the car, the screen went black and I got a CTD). Its still the only SIM I play or played, so out of curiosity, I clicked on GEM the other day and now, after 5 years, that old issue has somehow resolved itself. I can run the game with OpenGLV2 at a solid 36FPS at Spa 67. I assume some sort of random update on my PC over the last 5 years has solved the problem - I couldn't be happier.

My problem is that when leaving the cockpit and ESC to the pits, the screen goes black. I can still hear the cars / replay of an incident..etc... all the things you would normally expect when returning to the pits, so I know the game has not crashed. The only way out of this, is to ESC and ENTER repeatidly back to Desktop / GEM.

If I run the game on Direct3DV2, the issue does not happen, however, the game will only run at less than 20FPS, so is unplayable, whereas using OPENGLV2, the game runs perfectly whilst 'in car'.

I've spent that last week reading on SRMZ about similar problems / solutions, Eg, Using FRAPS on screen, but nothing I've tried seems to fix it. The issue does not occur if I run GPL in the native resolution (i.e. Menu's and In car with the same resolution), but obviously that is not ideal. I'm guessing this must be a resolution issue, switching from in car, back to the the Menu's in GPLs native resolution.

My graphics card is an 'Integrated AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series Graphics' card. All Drivers are up to date. Obviously this is weak and isn't a stand alone graphics card, but as said, it runs GPL at 36FPS at Spa67 on a full grid, so it can do the job.

The Monitor I run, is the same one I've used for GPL since way before any issues, and when the screen goes black, it is recognsing the native resolution on the Menu's (i've checked) but obviosly the Menu's are not showing and the screen is blank. (I run the game at 1920-1080).

I did a full re-install last night, but I still have the same issue (using Intstaller V1.8 I think) and the latest GEM

If anyone has any advice, or anything I should try (The options on the intergrated graphics card are limited), but maybe something to adjust in one of the GPL files?? I'm happy to try it.

Apologies for the lack of technical information - currently at work so writing this from memory

Finally, even though I've been unable to play GPL for years, I still keep my eye on SRMZ every week as I always have, still download all the new Mods and updates since 2015 and say 'thanks' on the forum, so my love for the game has never died even when I couldnt play it. Thanks also to GPLAPS on YouTube for inspiring me to press that GEM button after 5 years and finally discover the SIM (Almost) works again. If I can solve this issue, then It'll be time to get the wheel out and re-build my old install from 67 upwards.


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Gpl Alt Forum Needs A Clean-Up

Yesterday, 06:13 AM

Posted by leon_90 in Member Feedback
Hi lads,

been to the alternative forum today and noticed that it has been taken under attack by spam bots; think it needs a good clean-up :)

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30 Nov 2020

Posted by Pete Gaimari in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I'm trying to get Trackir working and it works fine if I use GPL for start up. If I use GEM it doesn't work. Is there a way around this?


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