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I Am Back (As Promised)

19 Apr 2019

Well, I left GPL in the winter of 2013-2014 to join iRacing

Today is the day Im back to my beloved GPL

Its not that iRacing is bad, but it somehow lacks in the atmosphere department. It is a bit sterile. And new graphic updates that focus on high end machines is annoying.

To cut the story short. Can someone write down what happened between 2013 and now. So that I can start upgrading my install. Since I havent touched it since 2013

Do we have driveable 60fps these days? And where can I find it? Will it work with AI?

Hows USAC doing?

And other similar questions.

Thank you!

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Has Anyone Driven Every Track For Gpl?

20 Apr 2019

Just sitting here reading through the TASMAN carset thread from 10 years ago after seeing the Phillip Island release and it got me to thinking... Has anyone driven EVERY track publicly released for GPL? I know there's ones that aren't public like the Goodwood Hillclimb one from many years ago (would love to see that one) but of the publicly available tracks, has anyone driven every single one?

I was considering giving it a go as a challenge. Do a lap of every single track. Was thinking a short RACE at them at, but if I recall some of the ones from my previous tenure as a GPL'er didn't have AI.

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Gem Crashing When I Try To Load The Original Gpl Carset

Yesterday, 04:02 PM

So GPL65 works fine for me. However when i switch to use the original carset, GEM throws an error.

"Invalid procedure call or argument in RunApp"

That's what's in the debug report. Anyone got any idea? 65 carset works. I've noticed the 66 one flat out crashes GPL. That's probably a screw up on my part somewhere.

Really upset as I wanted to start working on my monster rank and of course if the 67 set won't load, I can't. *sigh*

If after GEM crashes I run gpl.exe, the original stuff seems to be setup. It's just GEM crashing when I hit GPL.

Also if anybody knows what I've done so when GPL loads the 66 carset it crashes that'd be lovely.

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Looking For A New Racing Wheel Without Force Feedback/vibrations

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

Posted by 221teddy in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Hi everybody,

currently I am driving my GPL sim with a more than 15 years old wheel-pedal-set "Saitek Digital R 220". I like this precise non-force-feedback wheel very much but in the meanwhile there show up some malfunctions from time to time: on straights I get suddenly a "digital hit" into the wheel displayed in the sim without any action by me on the hardware Saitek wheel. And if this happens at 280 km/h........ you can imagine.

If this happens during a good hot lap with warm tires and warm engine ore in a successful race this is somehow frustrating. I assume the reason behind this annoying error ist the old hardware wheel (I see no other obvious reason). Therefore I am looking for a new wheel and I am asking for your recommandations.

There are some good force feedback wheels available. But to be honest, in the past I fell not in love with force feedback devices like joy sticks for flight sims etc. I prefer a precise wheel without force feedback and without any vibrations. I think I found almost nothing in the internet whithout any force feed back or vibrations simulation.

What I am looking for:
- precise
- stable; may be produced from metal/aluminium
- precise and consistent central position
- good surface feel
- some butons for views, raising hands....
- rocker switch/column gear shift
- preferentially 3 pedals, but 2 pedals are not a no-go
- a small manufacturer is welcome even though the price is higher

What's about using the available high quality FF wheels and switching of the force feedback simulation. Is this possible? Are the wheels yet precise in this FF switched of mode?

Your recommendations are welcome.

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Silverstone Sky With Or Without Sun Lens Flare

20 Apr 2019

Posted by Ramoats in GPL-Track Addons
A couple of my installs uses a second (silver 2) use of the mighty Silverstone circuit. That particular version I'm using has a lens flare from the sun behind a cloud in the sky. Meaning no disrespect to the original designer, it rather bothered me, so I altered the two horizon mips to eliminate it as you can see in my before and after pics. If anyone is interested, I attached the files in the enclosed rar.

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