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Great Video Contributions

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Today, 12:20 PM
At first I just wanted to present you the new version of a video I published quite a while ago but I thought it was a bit navel-gazing and reductive. There are a few topics here and there that talk about the videos made on GPL, there's also a new tab, for each track, on the GPL track databas...
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Mod'69 Screens Add-Ons

GPL-Misc' Addons Today, 11:58 AM
доброе утро всем ! As requested by tjc, here are some pictures for the main screen of the Mod 69. I'd like to warmly thank Rémy Roesz who sent me some months ago already a huge packet of pictures, which allowed me to make this update. It also includes two screens made a few years ago b...
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Tool To Searching For Esc/enter In Quali

GPL-Tools/Utilities Today, 10:47 AM
I have written a tool which could be interesting for admins/race comissioners. In some leagues ESC/Enter and rejoining after that is forbidden in qualification - except ESC/Enter was in pitlane. The tool GPL_ESCinQ detects for that. It produces a text file with drivernames, the ESC/Enter time and...
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Das System Mercedes

Motorsport Chat Yesterday, 04:37 PM
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The Future Of F1!

News & Announcements Yesterday, 03:53 PM
Hey, Guys! Yesterday I did some test laps with the new F1 Hybdrid X 2021 Car for Assetto Corsa in Catalunya to get into the mood of the upcoming new F1 Season ! Just to Point out one thing: the engine sound alone is just mindblowing! If you wanna see, what the near future of F1...
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