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    Is SRMZ under a bot attack??? 215 guest atm!!!

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GPL-Track Database Yesterday, 12:31 PM
NO! don't get excited, i've not built the track someone DID do an initial layout, i thought it was Ginetto, he replied it wasn't him ... so first my APOLOGIES to i did contact first to ask about building it. however, Ginetto had a look at the files i had and either tweaked &...
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Cannot Bring Gpl To Work Via Gem+ Anymore

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." Yesterday, 10:46 AM
Hi, I have a curious problem. GPL doesn't work correct if I start it via GEM+. If I start GEM+, click at the GPL flag GPL starts, but if I click to the first green flag in gpl nothing happens. The same if I deactivate all patches in GEM+. If I start my gpl.exe directly all works normal. If p...
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Gem+ Xml Files

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 03 Dec 2019
I found out searching that the number 9 xml file in Gem+ is the required patch to get around the 64 track limit in GPL.  Is there a guide or index somewhere that describes what the other xml files do in the Gem+ Mods folder ?
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High Resolution And 4K Uhd

GPL Rank 02 Dec 2019
Hi all! Recently got my new gaming rig with an all new Samsung UHD 4K TV being used as a monitor. I can't run it in any other resolution then 1154 x 824. When I try a higher resolution the game appears in the upper left. Gem+ with Nigels rasterizers is used, i played with all the mip poss...
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