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    Is SRMZ under a bot attack??? 215 guest atm!!!

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Mod 65 2.0.2 : Clipping In Menus

GPL-65 Mod 12 Oct 2019
Hi I installed the last update for the mod 65. Unfortunatly i have a small issue : there is non stopping clipping in menu screens, but the game session are ok. Someone has the same trouble and jnows to fix it? It s just in the 65 mod And what does mean 65mod FG and FD dor carset ? Thank you fo...
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Spa 1969 Race

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 12 Oct 2019
I'm trying to run a hypothetical 1969 Belgian GP at Spa67 using the 69x mod. But it crashes every time 3 1/2 mins into the practice session. I can usually run Spa67 with no problems. Has anyone else managed to run a 69x race at Spa?
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GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 11 Oct 2019
Hi there Looks like my GPL exe is corrupted. I cant start GEM+ or GPL Set up Manager anymore, since my System reset last week. How can I fix this Thadx
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Zandvoort And F2 Problem

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 10 Oct 2019
i dont understand i did a couple of F2 race with the 67 and 68 carset  in zandvoort  without problem but now and i didnt change anything the AI behave abnormaly ,at the beginning of the quali they are park on the midlle of  the track  not in the pit ,i had...
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Gpl World Masters - 2019 - Road To...

GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?" 10 Oct 2019
This year the championship season ends on 18.12.2019 in Bathurst with the Clandestine championship. Also, to close the year, I propose a race on the last Sunday before Christmas, December 22nd. A race where some drivers who never ride together (example : Fleurke Vs Joao, Farina, Palud, Dulima,...
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