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Ea Sports F1 2001 On A Windows 8?

I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games Today, 09:00 AM
Yesterday I was cleaning out my old computer desk when I came across a copy of F1 2000 and F1 2001 buried within the depths of the desk. I had been looking for these for some time and was hoping they would still work as these games were newer than some Papy games I can run on my pc without any pa...
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Installed Tracks Work Well But In Gem+ Season Manager The...

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." Yesterday, 03:11 PM
I have a problem: in many seasons created by myself in GEM+ several tracks appear as *not installed' in the respective season.ini displayed in the GEM+ season manager. This shows up with many tracks (very often tracks like kyalami68, silver2, nurburg68, brands68 but also specifically designed...
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How To Determine Grade Of Gpl Track (In Order To Take A V...

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 12:40 PM
BACKGROUND: I can take a virtual bike ride on a GPL track using my bike trainer as follows: 1. make a video of driving around a GPL track at the speed I'd ride around it on my bike 2. ride on my bike trainer while watching the video (By bike trainer, I mean a regular bicycle mounted on a dev...
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1969X Wing Angles. Help Needed.

GPL-Setups/Replays Yesterday, 09:53 AM
Hi, I've started to dabble with the 69X cars but I'm at a loss as to how to set the wing angles. All I've done so far is a race at Montjuich against the AI in the McLaren M9A. Probably not the greatest choice of car but you have to start somewhere. I set front and rear wings to 1.5de...
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