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      09 Dec
    Luigi 70

    Hi guys, there's a problem connecting to various topics ... or am I wrong

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      22 Nov
    Remco Hitman

    New Heusinkveld video series!

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Lancia D50 - Steering Wheel

GPL-55 Mod Today, 07:58 AM
The original Lancia D50's dashboard is totally perfect for me. Instead this is an alternative version of the steering wheel (if anyone interested ) ... http://www.mediafire...hy0kt/lotus.rar
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Empty Program Template

GPL Request Area 14 Dec 2017
I seem to recall a set of empty program page templates floating around. I seem to be unable to find them, anyone have them? Or did I just imagine their existance.
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Gem+ Download Corrupted?

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 14 Dec 2017
Just downloaded the GEMPackage_2.5.0.32.exe file from autosimsport.  Tried to install the .exe file and got a message from my Kaspersky anti virus program that the file contains a Trojan program named Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.agil.  Is the Gem+ file corrupted, or is there an alte...
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Tidying Track Folders

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 14 Dec 2017
OK, while things were quiet I started looking around my track folders and have two questions, hopefully someone can advise on these. 1) I have lots of tracks that have had no 'updates' for along time but they contain additional mip and other files not in the .dat. What can I add to the ....
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Gonzales Colourfix

GPL-55 Mod 14 Dec 2017
Two items not included with the ORIGINAL 1955 Mod download, are available here as optional updates : 1/  A full colour front page, for those who prefer a colourful start. 2/  A repaint of the Gonzales Ferrari, with colours discovered to be more realistic than originally of...
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