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      21 Apr

    im having problems with gpl not wanting to run after working so well what do i do when it says program not compatble

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+++ 1967X Mod / Online Edition

GPL-67 Historical Mod Yesterday, 04:36 PM
Hello everybody With Chris (creator of the Historic Carsets) we tweaked some things to get the 1967x mod work appropriately online. This release also contains a generic carset to race against the AI in every track and is suitable for ranks (gplrank and custom rank) too. Compared to the origina...
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Amazing ! A Old Track Which Is Not A Copy From Gpl......

Motorsport Chat Yesterday, 01:03 PM
I've just seen this nice video on YouBlurp... Surprising isn't it...?... https://youtu.be/YOoi-IHLSz8
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GPL-Track Database 16 Jun 2018
i am shocked! tho never will i be able to create a track from scratch, seeing this video of Reims, compared to what we have in GPL (thank you to the track builder) the elevation changes alone would make the GPL a very different experience ~ https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be
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Automobilista F1 2018: Pole Attack In Montreal!?

News & Announcements 16 Jun 2018
Hi Guys! Do you know how you have to drive in Montreal, to be competitive against the 100% A.I. of Automobilista's F1 2018 Ultimate Series? If you think Monaco was hard, then you have to see THIS: https://www.youtube....h?v=xQZSgBuMMsA Have FUN! And.. BYE!!
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