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Keimola Highres Update By Jackseller

GPL-Track Addons Today, 04:43 PM
As F1Legends is shut down here are Jackseller`s files: QuoteKeimola graphic update for Grand Prix Legends ( 07/12/2004 ) By Jackseller I have made new 16 bits high rez textures for Keimola track. I hope you will like them ! Installation ------------ Extract the content of the .rar archi...
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Keimola 1970

GPL-Track & Carset Upload Zone Today, 04:27 PM
As the original website is no longer available here is the track Keimola 1970 QuoteKeimola for Grand Prix Legends 22/2/2001 The Team: Olli Suominen Greger Huttu Jussi Kaskia * A short history * Keimola motor stadium was opened on June 12th 1966 near Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Helsi...
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Validation Problem

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Today, 11:23 AM
hi, i have no validation mail....i dont know what is the problem...thanks (Sorry, i'm italian )
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Funabashi Hires Update By Jackseller

GPL-Track Addons Yesterday, 05:58 PM
As F1Legends is shut down here are Jackseller`s files: Funabashi hires update by Jackseller I use this update for the Funabashi Circuit (Realistic Scale) Track folder: funa2 But it also works with Funabashi  1967   (Oversized) Track folder: funa QuoteFunabashi 67 graphic...
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Lcd Tv Resolutions Not Matching Game

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." Yesterday, 03:51 PM
Howdy, I'm trying to use a 42in Vizio LCD TV as my main monitor now. It works fine in Rfactor2, AC, whatever, but in my sim of choice GPL I cant get it to recognize 1920x1080 as the other games do. In GEM using OpenGLv2 it shows 1920x1440 and then once in the game defaults back to 640x480 and...
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