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      23 Apr

    Nürburgring in under 8 minute DONE.

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      19 Apr
    Robert Fleurke

    My avatar is the late Joe Shaw. Honoring his remembrance in the Joe Shaw Memorial Trophy at UKGPL

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Logitech Driving Force Gt - No Force Feedback Anymore

Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff Today, 08:02 AM
I Just lost my force feedback from Saturday to sunday. The Power to centralise the wheel is still working. I tested on two games, two PC and also in the test application from Window7. Is it just broken (so the centralise Power must be completly independant ) or does anyone have a clue what i co...
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Please, Validate Me

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Today, 12:19 AM
Hi guys, have a possibilitie to validate me in this forum ? Thanks
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Please Validate Me..

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent 22 Apr 2017
Hello moderators, Please validate me.. As for me this is the best site for GPL and i would love to be part of it.. Thank you.
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Track Ir Not Working With Gpl Shift

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 21 Apr 2017
I used 1.6 for the track ir reset view button (Controller 1,button 6), but when I pressed it,the view moved to the right and stayed there. Ini is very confusing. I used 1.MOU for the view as it says it's track ir compatible but nothing happens in game. I'm confused by the g27 buttons a...
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Billy Monger

Motorsport Chat 19 Apr 2017
Thought this is quite a topic to share. In the last few days I regularly read in my newsfeed about this British F4 driver. Last week he suffered an humongously terrifying crash in which he crashed into the rear a very slow going car at full speed. An accident he could do little about. So today...
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