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    After 9 years I returned back to GPL

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Brakes Locked On The Race Start Grid – Online Races Only

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." Yesterday, 12:04 PM
Well, I learned something new today. I was testing for another problem when I discovered that when you do the final exit from your car in a practice session just before the race with your brake pedal depressed – hard or even slightly – when you go to the grid to start the race, your brakes will...
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Diamante - A Little Update

GPL-Track Addons Yesterday, 11:28 AM
Here i am again... This time, I prefer don't say anything, because it's a "fantasy" track, and I don't want to hurt some of you... A great thank to Mark Beckman, the track's creator, and to Tato for his AI update ! A picture... The add-on...  diamante_D...
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Castle Combe - Thomas Laechele's Update Slightly Revi...

GPL-Track Addons Yesterday, 11:22 AM
Ciao a tutti ! As the title said , I've only modified some textures, in particular the asphalt and the grass. Nothing exceptional. All the credits to Thomas !!! A little picture... And the update in two packs...  ccombe_TLupdt1.zip   12.09MB  ...
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Gpl Ai Speed Control Patch

GPL-Misc' Addons Yesterday, 06:58 AM
A new patch by Lee Bowden to improve the driving of the AI, especially in the corner. http://gplmotorworks.gplworld.de/ I wanted to test it but can't patch it in gem : error, bla bla... Same thing with the "78L AI Speed Control v2.xml" in C:\Program Files\GPLSecrets...
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Diamante New Ai By Tato

GPL-Track Addons Yesterday, 01:15 AM
Hello. So here's a new AI set for this fantasy track. Hope it will be good enough to race there and have fun. Feel free to report bugs, give comments, leave feedback, put constructive criticisms, add suggestions and advices, etc. NOTES - provided as "it is", without any kind of wa...
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