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Tool To Searching For Esc/enter In Quali

GPL-Tools/Utilities Today, 10:47 AM
I have written a tool which could be interesting for admins/race comissioners. In some leagues ESC/Enter and rejoining after that is forbidden in qualification - except ESC/Enter was in pitlane. The tool GPL_ESCinQ detects for that. It produces a text file with drivernames, the ESC/Enter time and...
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Das System Mercedes

Motorsport Chat Yesterday, 04:37 PM
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The Future Of F1!

News & Announcements Yesterday, 03:53 PM
Hey, Guys! Yesterday I did some test laps with the new F1 Hybdrid X 2021 Car for Assetto Corsa in Catalunya to get into the mood of the upcoming new F1 Season ! Just to Point out one thing: the engine sound alone is just mindblowing! If you wanna see, what the near future of F1...
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Validation Request Needed

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Yesterday, 11:10 AM
Hi! Haven't received any validation email when registering.
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1967 Sports Car Extra Mod Brake Lights

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 19 Feb 2020
Here is the link to the thread where you can get the new Brake Lights patch for the 1967 Sports Cars Extra mod. http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=13319 This is a new patch that adds operating brake lights to all 1967 Sports Car Extra mod cars.  AFAIK, this is the first ever patch that...
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