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Silverstone Sky With Or Without Sun Lens Flare

GPL-Track Addons Today, 11:02 AM
A couple of my installs uses a second (silver 2) use of the mighty Silverstone circuit. That particular version I'm using has a lens flare from the sun behind a cloud in the sky. Meaning no disrespect to the original designer, it rather bothered me, so I altered the two horizon mips to elimin...
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I Am Back (As Promised)

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 04:42 AM
Well, I left GPL in the winter of 2013-2014 to join iRacing Today is the day Im back to my beloved GPL Its not that iRacing is bad, but it somehow lacks in the atmosphere department. It is a bit sterile. And new graphic updates that focus on high end machines is annoying. To cut the story sho...
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65 Mod Won't Install :(

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 18 Apr 2019
Hi Guys, latest problem I get the ? in mod column in IGOR for the 65s. Trying to start it offline I get to the green button in GPL screen but it doesn't work. I deleted the 65 exe and let GEM+ rebuild it but no go. I went through all of GPL folders and deleted any 65 thing I could find, do...
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Validation Email Not Sending

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent 17 Apr 2019
I just registered my account but my validation email will not send.  I'm having some trouble installing the GPL 2004 demo and want to start a forum discussion.  Any help would be great.   Thank you
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Fictional Hockenheim 67 Race Program And Event Page

GPL-67 Sportscar EXTRA Mod 17 Apr 2019
Even though Hockenheim wasn't on the 67 Prototype event schedule in 67, it is just too great a track not to include. So if you feel as I do and you added it, here is a fictitious program and event based on a race there in 68 for sports cars. Included is the program and event pages.. I persona...
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