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Please Validate Me

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Today, 01:25 AM
only just saw this now i'd like to have my membership validated thanks
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Gpl's Ini Files

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 04:44 PM
I was setting up the 67 Historical Mod when I decided to play about with the Season INI files as I didn't immediately see how they worked. Anyway I deleted all the tracks from each file using GEM+ and added a different track to each one. Then I started GPL to see which ones were visible for w...
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What If.... An Outrageous Calculation?

Motorsport Chat Yesterday, 05:58 AM
The ever returning subject: Who is/was the best F1 driver ever? It is impossible to state objectively, and not quantifiable of course, but the subject always comes up and there are several lists available on the net, and regularly published in magazines like Autosport, Motorsport etc. and althou...
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Sim Racing Cockpit Project

Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff 17 Feb 2018
Friends, Today I share with you the project I am developing for my sim racing cockpit. I would like to have your oppinion and suggestions before I start buying the materials to build it. It is an aluminium profile based sim racing cockpit, and the two main goals are: maximum adaptability and m...
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Drvc69.ini Fix For 69 X'tra

GPL-69 Mod 17 Feb 2018
Hi, I have created this topic so no one misses a fix (especially important for SERVERS) made by Tommie (TvO) a couple of years ago. The issue was initially reported by Cookie / UKGPL in the GPL Repository forum: 69xtra bug needs a fix. Cookie said: 69x mod makes double driver numbers at a full...
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