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Nurbsuds! Nurb With South Loop, Does It Exist?

GPL Request Area Yesterday, 08:59 PM
So after years away from GPL I wanted to revisit where my addiction to sims began. So I've been installing mods and stuff all day. So when I installed the F2 mods I noticed the season ini has "German Grand Prix" (Nurbsuds) in the list. Now the name to me implies both north and south...
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New Dvd Collection Released

Off Topic Chat Yesterday, 06:26 PM
For anybody (like me) that collects the F1 yearly reviews, Duke Video have now released new DVD box sets. At one point the yearly reviews were only on dvd from 2003 to present day. The years 1980-2002 were all on video. Which as we know, isn't ideal for longevity, chews up and a mode that as...
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Creating New Driver Profiles

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Ran into some issues trying to create different driver profiles while switching between mods. I'm trying to do this to cut down on confusion when swapping between setups for the various mods. I tried repeatedly last evening to create a new driver profile in the 71 Can Am mod, but the game wou...
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Account Validation

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Yesterday, 11:56 AM
I'm a real human looking to get my account validated lol
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Keimola Highres Update By Jackseller

GPL-Track Addons 22 Jan 2019
As F1Legends is shut down here are Jackseller`s files: QuoteKeimola graphic update for Grand Prix Legends ( 07/12/2004 ) By Jackseller I have made new 16 bits high rez textures for Keimola track. I hope you will like them ! Installation ------------ Extract the content of the .rar archi...
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