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Problem With Can Am 71

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." Yesterday, 07:31 AM
I have a problem with the Mod Can Am 71: the menus blink continuously. Once I hit the green button, everything works fine, but when I go back to the menus the problem continues. Use GEM and use all modes through it. The problem is with any patch or none. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.
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Validation, Please

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent 24 Mar 2017
Having a blast with the CanAm 66 mod-cheering up a cold winter. Want more tracks and info. Respectfully requesting validation, please. Thanks-
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Tech And Security News

Off Topic Chat 23 Mar 2017
All the latest Tech&Security news from our good friends at PC Help Forum  https://pchelpforum.net/ Latest tech news, to help, keep us up to date and in the know  https://pchelpforum....f/tech-news.59/ Latest security news, to help keep us all safe  https://pche...
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Validation Please

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent 23 Mar 2017
Hello, I'm a new member requesting a validation of the account please.
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The Steel Blue Ferrari

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 23 Mar 2017
I stumbled across this beauty by chance when I was looking for a thread totally unrelated.It caught my attention,a steel blue Ferrari ! I had to see this for myself and downloaded it from this thread,   http://srmz.net/inde......wtopic=634    and installed it. Well this is...
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