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5 Tracks That Should Be In A Sim Racing Game

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Today, 12:16 AM
Might be interesting/inspiration for the GPL mod team and track creators.
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Rsc Forum Files

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 03:56 PM
Hi folks, I got a company to do an export for me from archive.org of every file the internet archive held for any of the old RSC forums, this includes attachments. As an example they got me about 5000 threads from when the forum was at forum.rscnet_org but only 106 attachments. forum.racesimcen...
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Is The 69 Ferrari 312 Rear Wing Texture Changeable?

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 12 Aug 2020
I've lifted the Ferrari 312 from the original 1969 mod and am using it in a non-mod carset.  Two AI are assigned to this car, but they are supposed to have different signage on the rear wing.  As the Ferrari rear wing was plain red, I tried to assign a differently named re...
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10ª Clandestines Trophy

GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?" 10 Aug 2020
http://freeleo.hu/we...gFe-ybyFpVVebtc Carset Download http://www.mediafire...RRlRYfQm3g6sfLI Carlos Cendejas _McLaren M7A-C Daniel Santana _Ferrari 312-C David Sochenna _Lotus 49b-D Doni Yourth _BRM P133 Du Fossa _Lotus 49b-F Du Lima _McLaren M7A-D Eric Bilodeal _Matra MS10 D Farina...
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For Sale... Endor/fanatec Sim Racing Components...

Personal Selling/Trading post 10 Aug 2020
Components literally only used for about an hour or two.... I was not happy with the angle and setup when attaching the wheelbase to my computer desk. (I'm 6'3" ) And, I have no room for a rig. Ship to USA only.... I am on the East coast. If shipping is over $50. we split cost....
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