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      28 Jun

    Is SRMZ under a bot attack??? 215 guest atm!!!

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GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 11:34 AM
I've just been linking up with two groups to drive F1 2019 and Project Cars 2 online. This will be (if I decide to do so) on my PS4 console with my race seat and wheel. Guess it's a kind of E Sport thing 🤔 There is also others for games like Assetto Corsa. The programme they use for onli...
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Seeking Validation :p

Have you got Registration Issues - Validation emails are not sent Yesterday, 09:46 AM
Hello new friends, I too have not received a validation email and impatiently clicked 'resend validation' about a billion times but to no avail. May I please have my validity validated?
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Ping Value To Gpl Brasil Server

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 06 Dec 2019
Hi everybody, I would like to have some help regarding connection problems. I participate in some GPL Brasil races but I frequently loose the connection during the races. I am located in Europe (Portugal). I noticed in my IGOR main panel that the ping value for this server, in the "Ping"...
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Gtx Forums

Off Topic Chat 06 Dec 2019
I'm probably the only person in the whole world who wasn't aware of this place. But just in case there is someone else as well... 609 pages (At time of posting) of motor sport pictures. http://gtxforums.net...pic-twitter-com Something for all tastes. TTFN John.
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How To Edit Carset? Add, Remove Or Rename Cars?

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 06 Dec 2019
Hi, I want to edit an existing carset namely to rename the existing generic folders (honda, coventry, ferrari, c10...etc) to give the cars proper names but I have no idea where to start, I searched the forum but nothing came up. Of course renaming them does make the game crash, so I believe ther...
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