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      21 Apr

    im having problems with gpl not wanting to run after working so well what do i do when it says program not compatble

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Ramp Angles And Clutches.

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Today, 06:26 PM
Hi All, Although I understand (Or at least grasp the concept) of power and coast ramp angles and clutches I have a question. If I have for example a 45/50/3 set up on the Eagle it gives me locking %age of 14% for power and 13% for coast. If I change to 55/60/4 It gives me the same locking %age...
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F1 2018

I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games Yesterday, 01:48 PM
I've been quite a fan of the Codemasters's F1 series. I've been playing it for what must be over a thousand hours altogether. (my Steam says I played F1 2017 for +360 hours!!) Career mode has always been a game mode for me that can really make me stick to games if they are goo...
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Virtual Mirrors Gone

GPL CanAm 66 Mod 15 Aug 2018
I don't know why but I'm sure that I had the overhead virtual mirrors recently in the CA66 cars, but now none of the CA66 cars have the virtual mirror except for the Chapparal. The Chaparral has a folder with a 3do that gives it a central virtual mirror for it, but I seem to remember tha...
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Do We Need This For Gpl

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 15 Aug 2018
Looking at the Project cars game and seeing helmet cam. https://youtu.be/4aW6K1KPcE4 Do we need this for GPL. Would it be wanted and more importantly, could it be done. Okay, maybe for a later mod, like 70-73, when full face helmets came in to the fashion. Or maybe replicate the scarf over th...
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Computer Game Console Battle

I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games 15 Aug 2018
Brilliant look back, at a computer game history and a console battle, back in the day. https://youtu.be/vohicxpX63U I feel guilty, been a Madden gamer 🤔 TP:
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