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Racing Simulator 1960's Style

Motorsport Chat Today, 06:21 AM
Came across this a few days ago. I had seen similar setups for training pilots but was not aware of a driving version. It just goes to show that even back in the 60's Teams were pushing the boundaries to find an extra few tenths. https://primotipo.co...-sixties-style/ Searched around but n...
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Mybroga S58

GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?" Yesterday, 02:13 PM
Mybroga Season 58 Hi all, we'll race from February our 58th season, this time with the F2 mod. Most probably we'll keep the two divisions: Div. B racing in tuesdays and Div. A in wednesdays. This is the list of the active drivers of the S57. As you can see there are still several slots t...
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55 Cars - Which Is The Most Reliable/unreliable?

GPL-55 Mod 05 Dec 2021
I've had three no finishes in UKGPL S39 this year due to engines exploding. Is it possible to rank these cars in order of robustness/reliability?
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Dos Fever

Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff 05 Dec 2021
I've got DOS Fever again and I'm playing around with the Dosbox for old games. As well as researching and trawling the net about everything DOS. Very interesting indeed. Found this video and it was well enjoyed, so I've attached here, if anybody would also like a view. https://youtu...
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Help With Access To Gpl Repository

News & Announcements 04 Dec 2021
I need to get a new password for my Repository account. I tried the recovery system with my current email, and it said it didn't exist, so I have a feeling that the email I used is one I don't have access to anymore. Is there an Admin that can reset my password for me please?
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