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Senna And His Weekend At Monza 1993

Motorsport Chat 09 Aug 2022
Here’s an interesting documentary on Ayrton Senna’s race weekend at the 1993 Italian Grand Prix. The footage follows him in team debriefs with his Race Engineer. I’ve seen snippets of some of the content in other videos but this is the complete version. https://m.youtube.co...=3s&pp=2AEDkA...
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Best Cpu For Gpl Without Cpu Speed Fix?

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 08 Aug 2022
Hi folks, I was obviously around at the time and think I had a Pentium II at something like 166Mhz, but what is the literal best CPU that wouldn't require the speed fix? I'm not aware why the CPU fix was actually needed - what the technicality was that made it required - maybe knowing t...
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Fanatec Gear And Gplshift

GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." 06 Aug 2022
First off my gear: CSL DD with Clubsport RS wheel    SQ shifter 1.5    CSL Elite LC pedals (older pedals) connected via usb I'm finally getting around to setting up my CSL DD in GPL. Everything works except getting GPLshift to use the right buttons. Gears are mapped...
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Farm Road 29 Objects For Gplv1.000

GPL-Track Addons 06 Aug 2022
Farm Road 29 Objects Read Mev1.000 After I saw what was possible, with object conversion with the NR2003 Zanarkand and track, it inspired me to do my own conversions. I know any conversion is now possible to NR2003/GPL, especially since it not even a windows game, and was extracted via a PS2/3 e...
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Choose Your Sky

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" 03 Aug 2022
Many years ago in the earlier days of GPL there was a utility to enable you to choose the sky at any circuit.  Go to the track today under a clear sky, but tomorrow it might be gloomy with rain threatening - just like real life !   The utility came packaged with the Bray...
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