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Rfactor 2 - Installing 1965 F1 Mod To The Steam Version.

rF-General Discussion Today, 01:38 AM
Does anyone have any experience/knowledge in how to install a non-Steam mod (in this case, the 1965 F1 mod v2.2) to the Steam RF2? I'm buggered if I can figure out how to get around the problem of it not being a "package" recognisable by the Installer.
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Codemaster Indycar Series

I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games Yesterday, 03:06 PM
Mainly due to great impression last Indy 500 got me I felt like re-playing one of my old games I have. So I installed the game, dived in, want to change the controls... and I get this error:Brain-in-a-jar FatalError:BjSys: Reset failed on D3D Device: "D3DERR_DEVICELOST" I did remember...
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Gpl --> Rfactor 2?

GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL" Yesterday, 08:15 AM
Hey guys, one user who brought the 1975 mod to rF2 (with permission) is extremely interested in bringing the GPLEA cars updated and released for rF2, if he gets permission. It could be a great current platform for historic racing if given support, and it may bring the game developers to give it t...
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Dessauer Rennstrecke New Ai

GPL-Track Addons Yesterday, 03:24 AM
Hello. I know Ez has already released his AI update and it's very good as usual, but as promised I've made my own, for the one or two people that will give it a chance. GENERAL INFORMATIONS A new set of AI files for this fantastic track. Includes a couple of 55 specific files. HOW TO...
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Forza Ferrari !

Off Topic Chat 27 May 2017
Oh yeah!  Last time this happened (and I was there) was in 1979 - Scheckter and Villeneuve. ... and now.
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