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Riverside International Raceway 1966

A Track for the upcoming GPL CanAm 1966 mod
Riverside International Raceway 1966 ver. 1.0
for GPLegends CanAm66 MOD

Made by Ginetto.

Track Location: Riverside - California, USA
Track Type : Race Track
Track elevation: 490 m. above sea level
Track Length : 5.271 km.- 3.275 mil.
Track Num. Turns : 9
Track Year : 1966

Track Editor : Ginetto

Historical Note:

The road course opened on September 21st, 1957, and operated until 1988. The dragstrip operated from 1959 through 1970, and from 1983 through 1986.
Credits :

Textures and Horizon: Remy Roesz.

3DO cars: Gaus.

3DO motorhomes: Stefano Zampedri.

Historic research and Pictures: Pavel.

Beta testing: all the CanAm MOD team.

Hosting the private forum: the GPL Repository.

Hosting the track: the SimRacing MirrorZone.

Special thanks to:

All the community for giving me the right support for making this happen!

All the special guys that developed the tools for editing every GPL related thing!

The notorious Papyrus for giving me lots of fun!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

yours ginetto


real grand track

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