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Nassau Oakes Field Course

Our Christmas present to the community
This is our Christmas present to the community :xmas:

Nassau Oakes Field Course for GPL ver. 1.0
for GPLegends CanAm66 MOD

Made by Remy Roesz & Ginetto.

Track Location: Nassau - Bahamas
Track Type : Race Track
Track elevation: 6 m. above sea level
Track Length : 7.242 km.- 4.500 mil.
Track Num. Turns : 12
Track Year : 1966

Track Editors : Ginetto - Remy Roesz

Historical Note:

During 1954 – 1966, the Nassau Speed Weeks were a high-octane end of season ‘play-off’
in the sun between Americans and Europeans – serious racing and even more serious partying!
1966 was to see the last of the Speed Weeks for the time being.
The World and Motor Sport were changing rapidly and the racing season was extended
throughout the winter months in many countries.


The installer is packed in 2 separate 7z files; you need the open source 7zip program to extract it.

Included in the installer is a zip with files for a 1965 variation in adverts and program cover, you will find it in your Nassau folder once the track is installed.

In a separate file here you find a type 7 (32 bits) version of the Horizon made by Remy; you can extract the files into your Nassau folder if you want to use it. Remember that you need v2 rasterisers with 32 bits option checked to be able to admire its beauty.

Also a Flag for the Best Lap Screen attached; extract the file "Bahflg.pbf" into your \GPL\layout folder and the Bahamas flag will show up in the "best laps" list.

Credits :

3DO objects: Gaus.

3DO motorhomes: Stefano Zampedri.

CAM file: Greg Liebzeit.

Historic research material:
- Henry Ford's collection
- Rev's Digital Library
- Velocebooks
and many more


Beta testing: Ginetto's track making team.

Hosting the private forum: the GPL Repository.

Hosting the track: the SimRacing MirrorZone.

Special thanks to:

All the community for giving us the right support for making this happens!

All the special guys that developed the tools for editing every GPL related thing!

The notorious Papyrus for giving us lots of fun!


Enjoy, merry Christmas and a happy new year
yours Remy Roesz and ginetto


Colmar France - Bergamo Italy, 24 Dec 2015


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