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My Rfb Setups And Replays

Hi guys!

It's been a long time and you've probably guessed I've pretty much quit GPL.
I'll always have a weakness for it and watch some replays from time to time.
But it just can't compare to rFactor and the FF is lacking with the Bodnar wheel.
And it's not like I'll be going any faster ever again  Posted Image

Anyway, I've decided to post my setups and PB replays which add up to -66. I hope they can help some of you guys.
All the replays are Lotus, and there are 11 Lotus setups plus some (but not all) setups for the other cars.
60fps is required to watch the replays!

Watch the replays and you will see that you can go a long way without the need to overdrive.
If you are on average 6 seconds per track slower, you'll be negative at -0.29!
Get to within 2 seconds at Kyalami and the Glen, and you can lose a whopping 14 seconds at the Ring (that's an 8:10)!
And then you'd STILL have 6 seconds to spare at each of the remaining 8 tracks! Easy as pie  :dont_mention:

The setups are tailored to right foot braking, not wrong foot braking. They are basically GH2's with more symmetry and usable dif.
My recommendation is to use 600deg on your wheel and 10:1 ratio in the setup, or 540 and 9:1.

If you have any questions, post here and I'll be notified.

GLA, Easy T1, AnTiWiSe RuLeS... Back to chat.

View attachment: RHPro replays -66.29.rar
View attachment: RHPro setups -66.29.rar


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