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The roadsters add-on

We are proud to release 8 variations of the Austin Healey 3000 and Lotus Elan. These cars are not official and do not come with historically correct skins and neither have a detailed tech specs page. Nevertheless they are recreated as accurately as possible. You will notice that the cars have the usual GTL Workshop attention to detail.

So why release these cars without any specific history?
Alexander "InsaneDruid" Kögel, our head artist, had created these roadsters, before joining GTL Workshop team, as standalone cars for the GTLegends game. He recently saw some 3rd party modders, converting these cars for Power&Glory and thought "why make the life of those people so difficult. Let's give them a good base to work on". So he converted the cars, cleaned up various bugs, improved them as much as he could with better modeling and texturing and called Aristotelis and Ducfreak to put the final touches on physics and sound.

Attention: This is NOT the P&G 2.1 patch. We release these cars ONLY for 3rd party modders that wish to work on them. There is no installer/uninstaller so you need to remove them manually if needed. We do NOT recommend using these cars on a clear P&G installation that you use for league online racing if the rest of the clients do not use them either.

For more information and download link, please visit our website at: http://www.gtlw.co.uk


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