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Today, 01:36 PM

Hello everybody

I'm trying to brake with the right foot and use clutch pedal... and I'm requesting some advise.  Mainly, I would to know if fast guys using clutch and brake with the right foot

- use only symmetric setups
- use the brake balance oriented to the front
- do heel/toe
- brake always with the right foot or only when not donwshifting

I just did some laps in Kyalami and am 3 seconds slower than my times with LF, but it was just a quick test.

Cheers and thanks for any advise.


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Is There Any Way To Recover My Login Details?

Yesterday, 08:33 AM

Posted by abaris in GPL Rank
I've been absent from GPL for more than a decade. Now I wanted to log in to GPL rank only to see that I don't remember my password. The account is also tied to an email I no longer use, so I can't request new login details.

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Gear Shift In Replay

Today, 03:29 AM

Posted by Paddy the Irishman in GPL Request Area
I hesitate to ask for anything here, since I 'drive' very seldom ( read all posts avidly) but with all the marvellous work that is being done is there a possibility that someone can make a patch that will move driver's hand to gear lever in replays ?


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Monaco Tunnel Sound

Yesterday, 11:25 AM

Evening gents,

What with the technical advances over the last years - head movement/no letterbox etc, I thought I would revisit an old question I (or someone else) asked a few years ago: is it possible to have a blast of amplified/echo engine noise as you go through the tunnel at Monaco?
I thought it worth mentioning as we now have blasts of spectator noise when you go past stands etc.
Any thoughts?


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One Day My Host Will Come

16 Jan 2017

The host being me :D
I've only had GPL about 17 years and still yet to host a race.
Having another go having got a new router (netcomm NB304N)  with software that actually opens

John Roberts kindly explained the existance of TCP/UDC...who would have thought !

i have a question :)
The "server IP address" the port forward page is asking for...
Is that the IP my pc is connecting to the web with ?
or the address of the actual router?
cheers for any clues

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