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The English Heritage

Today, 03:02 AM

Posted by leon_90 in Motorsport Chat
Hi lads,

So, yesterday I was making a cargo delivery from Stuttgart to Verona in ETS2 and I was listening to BBC Live Radio :D they were talking about the upcoming British GP and there were some lovely interviews, in particular to sir Stirling Moss. But one caught my attention. Four journalists (sorry but I cannot remember their journals, I remember only that one of them was from the Sun) were asked which was the greatest english driver in F1 history. One vote to sir Jackie Stewart, two for Nigel Mansell and one to another driver I have never heard before in my life and I fear the journalist was only pretending to be a dandy by making his name.
And I asked myself: what of Moss? What of Graham Hill? What of Jim Clark? What of John Surtees? Were they not greater than Stewart and Mansell?
My guess it's that nowadays most of the people do not really know about F1 and it's history, they learned and saw something only frome the nineties on and they are too lazy to watch at the past.
Sports' journalists then, from all sports, are always the worst. It seems like they choose people which know the less of the sport and let them talk\write and judge publicly about it.

What are your thoughts?

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Strange Pedals

Today, 07:30 AM

Posted by Pete Gaimari in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Last night I went into GPL, and had no throttle. I tried to re-calibrate, and the throttle had nothing. I have a Fanatec wheel and pedals, so I went into the Fanatec software, and the throttle was dead.

I did a reboot hoping for the best, but it didn't help. I went to bed thinking my pedals were porked, and it was going to cost me money, as I was out of warranty. I boot up this morning, and check the throttle, and it's working perfect.

What happened? Anybody have that happen before?

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1967 24 Hours Of Le Mans Footage

Yesterday, 11:38 PM

Posted by davef in GPL-67GT Sports Mod
Some newer (2014) footage of the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans :)

I wish I understood Italian ! :nervsmile:

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Persistent Cars In Gpl

01 Jul 2015

Posted by Graham Overthehill in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
Hi all,
I use Flight Simulator X a lot, when I'm not GPL'ing and one of the great things an add-on Payware vendor has come up with is a persistent aircraft.
That means that the when you start FSX the aircraft is in the same state you left it last flight, including fuel and oil levels and levels of engine and component wear. The aircraft even degrades over time especially if you don't use it and the virtual mechanic tells you off! It really adds a new level of experience to the sim, that of ownership.
If it can be added to the core functionality of FSX, I wonder if it's possible to do the same in GPL?
Would be great having to look after your car/s across the season or multiple races. Would make me more careful in how I treat the engine, tyres etc during races. A virtual mechanic would also be great.
Any thoughts, or has this been discussed before?

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Champion Motorsports Thursday Night Rf2 Sportscar Series!

01 Jul 2015

Posted by davidan in rF-General Discussion

Posted Image

The Champion Motorsports North American Racing Series (NARS) will be kicking off our 2015 Summer/Fall season on 07/30/15 at Birmingham.  The season will then consist of 10 round at iconic tracks including Donnington, Road America, Laguna Seca, Bathurst and others.  

The CMS NARS will be using the rFactor 2 platform with the URD EGT mod. At the moment it is GT only, but Protos will be added as soon as they are released by URD, and we are already testing them on our league server and gaining feedback from members.  

The CMS NARS series is our flagship Sportscar series at Champion Motorsports, and has been running for many years. It features great multi class racing and fields ranging from 20-40 drivers at any given race.  CMS is a mature sim racing community established in 1999 that has stood the test of time by having great members.  

For full series details and schedule please visit the CMS NARS 2015 Master Postand Champion Motorsports!

Cya on the Track

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