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Usac 1972

Yesterday, 09:33 AM

Posted by jonny'o in GPL-Thundercars mod
My new carset ...............

Actually has some details to do,

as photos of pilots and some errors nationality

but I will make available to all because I do not have time to do more.

Feel free if you want better more things here.

Attached File  usac 1972.JPG   78.86K   83 downloads

warning ......only works on the carset line if all goes with the chassi OIL STAR Bitzarini Special

Note:Installation is simple.
   the carset must be "added" in the lotus folder mod-Thundercar .

  The txt file is placed in the main folder of your GPL, backup your drvcTC.txt

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Jim Clark Interview - 1967

Yesterday, 05:51 AM

I recently found a link posted on an Autosport forum to an interview with Jim Clark that took place in late 1967:


It makes fascinating reading. He appears less than enthusiastic about the DFV engine and also discusses how difficult the Lotus 49 is to drive. I suppose the early versions of each were much trickier to handle than they later became. I also didn't realise that the 49 had 'fixed' gear ratios, presumably that means they had the same ratios at every race, no playing about to get them just right.

It's also quite illuminating that Clark says he took it easy at every race (to spare the car) except Monza, where he really had to go for it (after his puncture). If the car had been reliable enough for Jim and Graham to push hard at every race, I think even the best of the rest would have struggled to finish on the same lap.

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Virus Check Doesn't Like Gpl....

Today, 02:12 AM

My virus checker is Norton 360. It encountered some issues today and recommended I download Norton Power Eraser, which restarted my PC and did a sweep. It came back with two issues;
1. gpl.exe
2. papyjoy.sys in windows/syswow64/drivers

Clearly (1) is not a problem. I can't help thinking that (2) is something to do with controls for GPL, e.g. Papyrus Joystick controller or something similar (not that I use a joystick...). A web search doesn't seem to pull back anything useful - does anyone know if is related to GPL?



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Assetto Corsa Imola 94 Conversion

Yesterday, 05:30 AM

Posted by Bubba Zinnetti in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Hello Everyone.
Anyone know if there  is  a conversion of  this  track  released  or being worked on at the moment?   Scouted around web

for a  bit,  couldn't  find any leads  though.

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Monaco Pick-Up Race 69Xtra Mod Friday 9:30 Pm Eastern Us Time

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Monaco pick-up race 69xtra mod Friday 9:30 pm Eastern US time

We are still not sure if there will be a race on iGOR, but whenever iGOR is down, everyone can join my server (when it's up) using the GPL multiplayer menu.

1 - Start GEM and make sure your 69x player, the 69x mod and the car you want to drive are selected
2 - Start GPL and make sure you have the correct car and graphics (wings position in graphics) is selected in the Player Info menu
2 - select the multiplayer session at the bottom.
2 - Hit the green button for the multiplayer menu
3 - Select Join at the top left
4 - Select TCP/IP
5 - Just below that type in my IP address
6 - Hit the green button to join the race

VOR is running an Intermediate Damage 40 minute race at Monaco with the 69xtra mod, 40 minute practice starting Friday at 9:30 pm Eastern US time.  Our fun races are open so anyone can join us.

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