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Car Not Correctly Placed

Yesterday, 08:48 PM

Testing at Road Ontario, the car appears between two grandstands across the track from the pits. You can back up slightly, make a 180 right turn, and drive between the stands and the wall to the end of the wall, make a u-turn around it and get on the track;  or just shift+R.

In the track.ini I noticed:

[ pit_lane_0 ]
lane_on_right = 0           ; 0 if lane on left, 1 if on right

The pits here are on the right, but changing this from 0 to 1 did nothing, the car still appears between the grandstands.  So, how do i get the car placed properly here?

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15 Apr 2014

I was looking up all the gpl tracks on Wikipedia and apparently there is a new kyalami. and I was hoping we could make that a track for gpl. The old Kyalami is shown in the red out line and if you notice there is a track underneath and some of the track is connected to the old track. I there a new kyalami

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Gpl Career

15 Apr 2014

I got the GPL Career and I don't know how to use it an someone plz tell me. SOS

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New Dunlop Tyres For 66 Mod

13 Apr 2014

Posted by leon_90 in GPL-66 mod
Hi lads,

since the other topic where a possible update for 66 mod with new Dunlop tyres seems to be dead I decided to move into action :P
I made new Dunlop tyres for:

-Brm P83
-Brm P261
-Cooper T81
-Ferrari 246
-Lotus 33 (Climax and Brm)

Starting from Default one, I've made two new different "styles" (look at previews). The one in 'Preview 0" is for all teams said before exception made for Brm P83. The latter, in "preview 01", is for the P83. I tried to be as more historically accurate as I could, trying at the same time to create good textures easy to see and useful to keep track of tyres' rotation speed.
Textures are of the same size as originals, but with more in-color depth, so that they should be slightly better looking while no heavier on framerate.

I've also updated suits for Dunlop teams. I have used Jackseller's suits in combination with arms taken from Thomas Laechele's updates on Eagle and Lotus 49.
I've, then, simply recolored these textures and made them a little more depth in-color as well. Here, again, I tried to be as more historically accurate as I could, while respecting original work of the 66 mod team.

Last but not least, I've updated Team and Player Info menu screen, so to display Dunlop tyres logo for teams which actually show them in-game.

Instructions and Credits are inside the folder.
I hope you like them! Here you go with previews and download :)
Have fun :) :)

PS I did not include any gloves for drivers in this update. If I may, I suggest you to download Dede-Driver's one from 'Misc' section. They are great and they work great on these suits! ;) ;) http://srmz.net/index.php?showforum=23

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I Can't Recognize This Track

14 Apr 2014

Posted by Pavel in Motorsport Chat
I saw this picture here http://blogs.yahoo.c...from=relatedCat It's from 1966 Tasman cup, I think

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