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Driver's Cam Too Far Foward In Opengl V2

26 Jul 2014

When using Direct3D V2 rasterizer, I see the cockpits as others see them according to their screenshots. However, I want to use OpenGL V2 because of better performace. The thing is, on my PC it appears that the driver camera is too far forward in OpenGL. The result is that I can't see some things that normally are in the bottom of your screen. In the Brabham, I cannot see the lower half of the mirrors and hardly see the shifter. In the Lotus, I don't see the rear brackets of the windscreen. Just 2 examples to give you an idea.

Is there any way to solve this? FOV setting in GEM doesn't change the forward position of the camera, and GPL Car Cam editor allows you to change all cams except for the driver's cam.

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Ctd With >15 Ai Selected ?

Yesterday, 03:32 AM

Hi all,

I stumbled upon a weird problem the other day.
When using the '67 (standard carset) and trying to start a race weekend I get a CTD, but only when selected 16 or more AI opponents !

It all works fine if I select only 15 (or less), but starting with 16 and upper I always get a CTD, even on the 11 standard tracks :o

I have to investigate a bit further but the problem hasn't occured (so far) yet with '65 mod, or any other mod.
I have installed : '65, '66, '69, '69X, 'TC and Nite mod.

I've attached the debug output from GEM if it's any help. Could it be a simple carset error ?



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In Game Helmets

Yesterday, 04:15 PM

hi all. I was wondering how to get the helmets from this site into the sim. Here is the link:http://srmz.net/sub/thommo/Helmets.htm

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Question About Night Mod

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

Small question about the Night mod : I made 2 extra player profiles for it.
1 for '65 and 1 for '67, but only in my '65Nite player folder I see an additionaly player.ini file called plan65.ini.
There's no plan67.ini file to be found.
However; my best times are saved in the player.ini file under my '67Nite player folder.

So to sum it up this is the file structure now:
Bart_65Nite --> plan65.ini
Bart_67Nite --> player.ini

Shouldn't the 67Nite have its own plan67.ini file ?

Just to make sure everything was installed properly...



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Thank You Thank You!

26 Jul 2014

Posted by longhairedguy in Member Feedback
Just saying thanks to the person or people responsable for fixing my validation problem. I am overjoyed that I found this site, as I have recently got GPL and I am hooked now. I gotta do some laps at some time during the day or  I go through GPL withdrawls. I am a big racing fanantic and love simulation driving the best. Again a tremendous thank you for the help and time to do it.  much respect!!!!


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