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Cleaning Fanatec Pedals

Today, 04:02 AM

Posted by Peter Dron in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
My Fanatec Clubsport (v1) pedals have started playing up. The problem is with the throttle and the symptom is power loss, rather like having a dropped valve. I have had this in the past and solved it by spraying with dry lube. But now the fault is more persistent.

I think that I need to dismantle and thoroughly clean all the components. A few years ago, I saw a useful video (from a Fanatec engineer, who spoke clear English with a German accent) of how to do this in the correct sequence but I cannot find it now. I have looked in Fanatec's site and tried Googling (and also tried searching this forum) but no luck so far. Can anyone help?

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1930's Mod

21 Oct 2014

Just wondering if there is to be a possible 1930's mod sometime in the future.What year would it be.Is it going to be the 1937 season or another.

Just done a little research and as we know the championships were not official world wide like they are today?,as they were from 1950.Also the championships were only about five races with a lot of non championship races too.

Would the mod consist of the correct tracks and would it be possible to to include most tracks.I know we have Nurby and Spa but they would off course have to be historically accurate.Also I have checked one track called Circuito del Montenero in Italy which I can't seem to find in the GPL track database?

Here's my findings:-               http://en.wikipedia....and_Prix_season


I know the mod is a long way off and may never be completed but I am just curious to say the least!!!!

Respects TP:  :hat-tip:

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Fangio's Kidnapping

Yesterday, 08:38 AM

Posted by davef in Motorsport Chat
Something I learned this week I didn't know about. Kinda bizarre. :yikesss:


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Finally Went Negative Somewhere

19 Oct 2014

After 18 months, last night I finally got negative! Using the Lola T70 at Spa I managed a best lap of 3:30.2, which is the first time I've ever beaten a target time in GPL. I was pretty happy with the lap, I felt like I could have got into the 3:20's but there's always room for improvement, isn't there? I guess this must be one of the easier targets in GPL but what the hell.

For the first few laps I kept thinking things like 'Where's that advert gone?' or 'I thought there were more people there.' Then I realised that I've watched the Spa 1967 promotion move so many times I'd forgotten what the original circuit looks like.

I'd just like to say once again that the GPL community really should be proud of itself. I tried the demo when it first came out all those years ago but with only a keyboard I found it impossible so I must admit I gave up on it. I'm so glad I came back to try again and I'm so grateful that in the meantime the sim has gone from 1967-only to GTs, CanAm and so much more. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. I sort of feel that I've missed out on many years of fun but I'm trying to make up for it now, and after 18 months I still drive GPL as often as I can.

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****kota Park****

19 Oct 2014

Posted by Kurt in N2K3-Track Database
Here's is the last track I have done, It's been sitting idle for awhile I can't sit in front of the pc much til I
get my hip fixed...So here it is.  BIG Thanks to Frank for doing a race lp. and Ongias25 for the setups.
Woofgm for testing


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