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Where To Download Targa Florio?

Yesterday, 11:52 PM

Posted by jburrowes in GPL-Track Addons
I must be tired but where on this page - Grand Prix Legends: Targa Florio 1967 (srmz.net) - is the download link for the track? I see the links for the downloadable videos but not the mod itself.

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Montjuich Setup

16 May 2022

Posted by ronibios in GPL-69 Mod
Hi guys, i've been struggling a lot to get a competitive time at Montjuich, mainly due to the setup, does anyone has a setup for this track?

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Oao Openings

14 May 2022

Posted by lalb2001 in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
oAo is searching for drivers of any skill level across both Division 1 and Division 2. It really doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie or an alien. If the league concept appeals to you, leave a message in this thread, write me a PM, or directly contact Michael Lowery, the commissioner of oAo, directly via this e-mail. then we can answer all your questions and discuss details.

There are many concepts employed in oAo that make the league so unique. oAo has teams, financials, stewards, so called g-levels (best described as a skill status) and much more that ensure diversity and a level playing field. For example, Newbies and aliens are equally entitled to driving a Lotus if the circumstances allow it, but at the same time, driving the BRM has a huge financial benefit over the Lotus, making it worth driving as well.

There is a lot to learn about oAo, but you don't need to know everything right away to get started. Basic requirements are just a sense of fairness and the avoidance of (negative) recklessness. :)

League page

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Cockpit Off Center At 1080P

16 May 2022

Hey everyone,

I've just gotten back into GPL after owning it when it first released. It's what got me interested in sim racing - as opposed to arcade racers.

So I downloaded an ISO and used gplinstall_beta_1.08 to install it. I also installed GPLSecrets. (GPLaps on YouTube has a great tutorial on getting GPL setup these days.)

I'm currently running it at 1600 by 900 and that would be fine if the pit board, at upper left, would fully show. Unfortunately its left side is cut off.

I'd like to run it at 1920 x 1080 as that might solve the problem but the steering wheel is right of center by about half its width. And of course the right side mirror is completely off screen.

Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Or does anyone have any idea how I can fix it? Using a pixel ruler I've confirmed that my laptop screen is 1080p so I've ruled it out as the culprit.

I'm stumped.

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Buttkicker Gamer Plus On Gpl!

14 May 2022

Posted by stuboyle in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
I just got my Buttkicker Gamer Plus up and running on my sim rig.  Running it on GPL, it produces a pretty basic response.  When GPL produces low frequencies then the transducer vibrates.  In practical terms this means that you get some response at low RPM, like when you are sitting in the pits.  Also, you get some vibration when hear the tire noise when they are on the limit of adhesion.  Finally, you will get response when you are heavy on the brakes.  At speed, on the straights, it produces no vibration.  It would have been nice it had a response to gear shifts, but alas, it does not.  I'm not convinced at this point that its a game changer for use with GPL.  Time will tell how beneficial it is for GPL.

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